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Products and Manufacturing

Where are myfelt products manufactured?

Myfelt felt ball rugs and all accessoires are delicately handmade under fair and sustainable working conditions in our manufactory in Nepal. Find out more about the unique manufacturing process of our designer products.

Which materials are used in myfelt products?

All myfelt felt ball products are made from 100% pure and sustainable sheared wool from New Zealand. New Zealand shear wool is known worldwide for its highest quality and durability.

Are all myfelt products produced under fair working conditions? What does the GoodWeave Seal mean?

Based on our company philosophy of sustainability, all products are manufactured under fair and transparent working conditions in our manufactory in Nepal by adults, highly-trained in their handwork – 100% child labor free. We are currently the only manufacturer in the world that is officially fair trade certified through GoodWeave International. GoodWeave’s main goal since 1995 is the elimination of child labor in the carpet industry and the adherence to very good working and environmental requirements. Since 2014, we have been actively working together with GoodWeave in Nepal to promote social and economic projects. Please go here to find more detailed information about the requirements of certification.

How are myfelt products different from those of other providers?

We are the market leader in the area of felt ball products. With our longstanding experience in the production of handmade rugs, our customers profit from products of the highest quality, which we emphasize with our five-year guarantee – no ifs or buts about it. In comparison with providers of similar, especially inexpensive products, there are essential differences to an original myfelt rug:

The highest wool density:

This guarantees you years of enjoyment with your felt ball rug. Cheap providers use less wool during felting, making the individual balls too soft, causing them to already unwind after several months. 

Double-sided use:

You can turn all of our products on any side that you wish, because top and bottom are identical. We have worked hard for many years to ensure that the stable threads we use to sew the felt balls together run through the middle. Cheaper products from other providers save time and cut corners by not running the black threads through the middle, creating an unattractive “spider web” on the bottom. These rugs cannot be used on both sides. You can turn over an original myfelt felt ball rug after many years and have the pleasure of viewing a totally new rug. The perceived higher price is reduced by half and the purchase is relativized. 

Fairtrade certified:

Myfelt is currently the only manufacturer of felt ball rugs in the world that is officially certified through GoodWeave, which guarantees a fair and socially sustainable production – 100% free from child labor. Each of our handmade rugs possesses a unique serial number that you can use to track where your rug was produced and from whom. In our Nepalese manufactory, we employ only well-trained adult artisans, who are compensated with above average wages. 

Are there only standard sizes, or can I also order a desired custom format?

You can ask us for any desired size and format. To do so, use the "Custom size" entry in the size drop-down list on each felt ball rug page or use our contact form for accessories.

How long does the production of my rug take?

Most of our rugs are readily available and can be shipped immediately. The exact delivery time of your favorite product can be seen on the product detail page. Should the article be out of stock, we will produce another especially for you – needless to say with complete right to return for all catalog items. The right to return is waived by the customer for all custom rugs in individual sizes and/or colors. In this case, the delivery time is usually 3 to 4 weeks. As soon as your product ships, you will receive a separate notice of delivery with the exact delivery schedule.

I would like a product in a very special design. Do you also fulfill special requests?

We have already produced numerous felt ball rugs with individual designs, unique color combinations, as well as various shapes and sizes. Just give us a call at 030 71535795 or use our contact form for your request. We are glad to consult with you personally, individually and non-binding about your design ideas.

Is it possible to produce a rug or another product in my desired colors?

With the myfelt Rug Configurator you can design your own individual felt ball rug. This is very simple and explained in detail in a video on the site. You also have the option of ordering the myfelt color sample chain in the configurator. With the colour samples you can imagine your own carpet even better and process and order it at a later date.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 030 71535795 or chat with us.



I would like to put a cabinet or a heavy table on my rug. Is that possible? How high is a felt ball rug?

The balls on a myfelt rug are so densely felted that they give way very little and evenly, even under strong pressure. You can easily put heavy furniture on the rug without doing any permanent harm. The diameter of the furniture legs should be at least 1 to 2 cm. Myfelt rugs are approximately 2 cm high.

Do I need any anti-slip pads for the rugs?

Due to the weight of the rug and the texture of the floor, anti-slip pads are not usually needed. If your rug isn’t stable enough on the floor, we will gladly produce a perfectly fitting anti-slip pad for you. Contact us here for a non-binding quote.

When does a warranty case apply? What does the five-year guarantee include?

Our felt ball products are connected with very stable, tear-resistant nylon threads. In extremely rare cases, because each felt ball rug is uniquely handmade, a connecting knot can unravel. In this case, we will repair your rug free of charge, and will cover the shipping costs to and back. The processing time usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Should this case happen, send us an e-mail with a photo of the problem and the warranty card with the serial number of your rug. We will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss the next steps in repairing the rug.

Do all myfelt products have a guarantee, or does it only apply to rugs?

Our products stand for unique quality – it doesn’t matter if your myfelt product is a rug, table runner, pot-coaster or seat cushion. Our exclusive five-year guarantee applies to all products – no ifs, ands or buts. 

Is it possible to order a product sample?

Yes, it is possible with all articles, except for coasters, to order a color sample in advance. Just select “order sample” in the dropdown menu on the product page and you will receive your sample at home within 1 to 2 days. You can then send it back to us free of charge.

Where can myfelt felt ball rugs be used?

You can use our rugs in all living areas. Because they are felted with pure wool, they are naturally water-repellent and can also be used in the bathroom.

Felt ball rugs and house pets

Many of our customers own dogs and cats and tell us about their positive experiences. Our rugs are extremely tear-resistant, water and stain-repellent, and very easy to care for, making them superb for households with pets. 

Orders and Payment

Submitting an order

At myfelt, you can submit an order in a variety of ways:

Which payment methods does myfelt accept?

In our web shop, you can select the following payment methods:

  • Advance payment (with a 3% immediate discount)
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Debit Charge
  • Purchase on account (up to 1000 €)
  • SOFORT Überweisung (with a 3% immediate discount)
  • Installment payment, if you pay via PayPal and the installment payment function is activated in your PayPal account (more information about PayPal installment payment)

Where do I find the selection of available rug sizes?

You can find the selection menu of available rug sizes on each product detail page above the “add to cart” button and to the right of the price information.

Can I change my order after the fact?

As long as your order has not been shipped, you can have it changed or amended. Contact us with your order number through our online contact form or call us at 030 71535795.

Buying and using gift certificates

We offer you the possibility of purchasing gift certificates. Simply write us a short message via our chat or the contact form. Gift certificates can be redeemed through an individual gift code in our web shop, as well as in our store in Berlin. Gift certificates can be redeemed for every article, but will not be paid out in cash.

Delivery and Returns

To which countries does myfelt deliver?

We deliver every order worldwide, right up to your front door.

Which shipping service will deliver my order?

We ship climate neutral with DHL GoGreen. As soon as your order has left our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number per e-mail. In addition to seeing the tracking status, you will also see what time the delivery is expected to reach you.

How much are shipping costs?

Orders through our web shop over 29 € have free shipping within Germany. Orders above 99 € receive free shipping across continental Europe and orders above 99 £ free shipping to the UK. We include free shipping outside of Europe for orders above 199 €. Orders below these amounts cost 4.90 € within Germany, 14.90 € across continental Europe, 9 £ to the UK and 29,90 € for worldwide shipping.

How long is the delivery time?

Shipping within Germany usually takes 1 to 3 working days, within Europe 3 to 5 working days and worldwide, depending on which country, around 1 to 2 weeks. All accessories and best-selling articles are immediately ready to ship. Rugs that are not in stock usually have delivery times of 3 to 4 weeks. Delivery times are displayed in the dropdown menu for “size” on the product detail page.

Do I receive a shipping confirmation?

After your order has left our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number that you can use to see when the shipment is expected to arrive at your doorstep. 

How can I return an article?

You can return your order within 14 days of receiving the product and send it back to us free of charge. Our return policy does not apply for custom made rugs that are not part of our standard product line.

Making a return – step by step

Return form

Send us your return notice using the following form:

Return label

After receiving your return notice, we will promptly send you a link for a free return shipment. Using the return shipment form, you can commission DHL to pick up your return shipment free of charge. The delivery messenger will bring a filled out delivery dispatch note. You only have to securely pack the article in its original shipping container. 

Alternatively, you can fill out the address fields on the return delivery notice and use the return label sent to your e-mail address. Attach the return label to your securely packed package. You can drop off the package in every DHL branch store.


As soon as we receive your returned article, we will reimburse the invoiced amount, including shipping cost, within 10 days using the payment method you originally selected. 

Can additional customs costs occur in countries outside of the European Union (for example Switzerland)?

Depending on the country of delivery, additional customs costs can occur on deliveries outside of the European Union. For every order outside of the EU, we include a netto invoice, saving you the 19% German sales tax.

Delivery to Switzerland – is that possible?

Yes, we ship to Switzerland every day. As long as the delivery address is in Switzerland, we will include a netto invoice without 19% German sales tax.

Shipping to the United Kingdom

In accordance with Brexit regulations, we issue net invoices without 19% VAT.

Does myfelt deliver all customer orders climate neutrally?

Yes. All orders worldwide are delivered to customers in a climate-neutral manner  via the GoGreen programme of the shipping service provider DHL. 

The CO2 emissions are calculated using a certified procedure by the independent certification company SGS and are audited annually. The emissions are then offset by external climate protection projects, e.g. in Central and South America, Africa and India. These include projects for wind energy, renewable energies and hydropower. Further details and information on the individual projects can be found here:

Cleaning and Care

How do I clean a myfelt felt ball rug?

The best way to clean our felt ball products is to shake them out or to beat them. Myfelt rugs can be vacuumed normally. It is important that you do not use a brush attachment, as it can damage the felt structure over time. We dye our felt ball rugs with purely ecological dyeing methods, leaving the percentage of wool grease (lanolin, the natural fat content of felt) especially high.

The positive result of lanolin leaves our rugs with very high water and stain-repellent properties. If liquid is spilled, it won’t immediately be absorbed due to the natural properties of the felt, much like the lotus effect. The liquid can be removed with a slightly damp towel.

If a stain is discovered later, it can be quickly removed simply using soap, warm water and a sponge. Because you can use myfelt rugs on both sides, you can simply turn them over after a number of years and have the pleasure of viewing a totally new rug!


How can I become a reseller of myfelt products?

We are pleased with your interest and would be happy to have a successful collaboration. Contact us here.

Where can I view myfelt rugs and accessoires?

We would love for you to pay us a visit at our store in Berlin, Brunnenstraße 29, 10119 Berlin. Find here more information.

Our opening hours: Mon. to Fri. 11am to 6pm

Or visit one of our numerous European distributors. Search for distributors